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Brides Opting For Versatile Wedding Gowns That Offer More Than One Look

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Brides will often wear one dress for their wedding ceremony and then change into another for the reception.

But now, they can switch up their look in just seconds – without changing out of their gown.

From the floral design, to the beading, to the fabric, finding the perfect bridal look is no simple task. Just ask soon-to-be-bride reality TV star of "The Bachelorette" Rachel Lynn Lindsay.

"Picking a dress has been an affair," she told CBS2's Mary Calvi.

As she prepares for her secret wedding in August, she sought the help of couture designer Randi Rahm.

"My dresses sort of come apart secretly so that it takes literately 10 seconds and you're in another look," Rahm said. "So that's been a trend I've been doing for the past five years, which seems to - I see catching on."

Rahm said versatility is the latest trend in bridal design – one which she encouraged Lindsay to try.

One gown comes apart before your eyes, with the bride changing into a pantsuit for the dancing part of the evening.

If you need more changes for your night, you can find that, as well.

Another dress has a look for walking down the aisle, then another for dinner, and then – if you're daring enough – a romper to dance the night away. You could also add a skirt to the last look.

Lindsay said her gown will change through the evening.

"It's not just what you see, there's always another element to it. So there will definitely be elements to my dress," she said. "You will see me walk down the aisle in one thing, and then I may take something off or add a little something else."

While versatility is key to the latest design, Rahm added it's individuality that should be a bride's most important factor in picking the perfect dress.

"Not what everyone's wearing, but what you feel you want to wear," she said.

This is the season for magazine editors to see the latest bridal styles for themselves up close, so look for these latest trends of versatility and individuality as designs move into a whole new area of bridal looks.

Rahm's dresses run thousands of dollars.

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