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The 8 Best Vegetarian Sandwiches In New York City

There are a lot of great things to eat between two slices of bread in NYC. Unfortunately for the vegetarian crowd, many - if not most - of them contain meat. That said, a city this diverse has many top notch places to get your veggie sandwich fix. Here's a look at our favorites. - Camille DeMere

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Mediterranean Crepe

Atlas Cafe
(credit: Atlas Cafe)

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This East side establishment is all about vegan treats and faux meats. Try the vegan Mediterranean crepe with roasted veggies and tofu, or sample the artichoke and vegan chicken crepe. Pick the items written in green on their extensive menu - it takes up 3 walls.

Casellula Grilled Cheese
(credit: Juan Patino Photography)

Grilled Cheese

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While this fancy cheese-and-wine (not wine-and-cheese) spot boasts a beloved pork sandwich, vegetarians are definitely not left out in the cold. The grilled cheese sandwich is filled with a blend of fancy cheeses. Dairy addiction not satisfied? Have your server help you plane a cheese "flight" or expertly planned cheese plate made to compliment your wine or cravings.

Ancho Chile Seitan Burger

Seitan Burger from the Cinnamon Snail Truck
(credit: New York Street Food)

Vegetarians nor vegans have to feel left out of the city's food truck scene. Many of the mobile food stands cater to non-meat eaters, and some are even devoted to those with the dietary restriction. The Cinnamon Snail truck is a haven for vegans. One of their newest dishes is the Ancho Chile Seitan Burger. Served on a rosemary focaccia roll with onions and garlic, the sandwich is simmered in beer.

The Malibu at Cafe Clementine
(credit: Cafe Clementine)

The Malibu

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Veggie lovers feel the love at Cafe Clementine, formerly known as Columbine. From the regular menu, snatch up a West Coast lunch with the Malibu (sharp cheddar with California crunchy sprouts, chipotle mayo, tomatoes and red onions on 7-grain bread). Eatin' vegan? The Tuscan (with white bean puree) is your best bet and retains its pop and flavor minus the shaved parmesan. The special menu changes daily, so watch for other veggie options to tempt your tastebuds.

The Monkey Brain

A casual deli with stellar sandwiches - especially for vegetarians. Some of the sandwich names might raise an eyebrow: would you eat something called Monkey Brain? Since it's veggie sausage, fresh mozzarella, basil, sun-dried tomato, avocado, tomato, hummus on a roll, maybe you would. Go for the Guacomole Veggie Burger or the Monkey Returns (vegan chicken salad). The prices are a bit steep, but don't miss this Williamsburg 24-hour sandwich stop.

Lamazou's Bohemian Sandwich
(credit: Lamazou)

The Bohemian

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Not all amazing veggie sandwiches come from meat-shunners. Plenty of Lamazou's sandwiches come piled high with meat, but sharing the menu with imported salami are some of the tastiest vegetarian options. There are plenty Italian cheese and tomato combinations but go for the star - the Bohemian with grilled veggies and Havarti cheese.

Egg Salad

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Protein power! Snatch up the best egg salad in the East Village deli. It is cash only, so be sure you have about $4 in cold, hard cash to enjoy this creamy protein kick with lettuce and tomato.

Shake Shack

The Shroom Burger

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Carnivores have the Shakeburger, and vegetarians? The Shroomburger. The mushroom, cheddar, muenster fried goodness makes no claims to be healthy, and you will have to stand in line to boot. Add a vanilla custard and fries and you have a vegetarian junk food meal fit for a king. You can have a salad tomorrow.

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