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Video: Semi-Truck Clips Snowplow, Sending It Down 300 Foot Embankment

SPANISH FORK CANYON, UTAH (CBSNewYork) -- A snowplow plunged over the side of a snowy mountain road in Utah, proving why officials say drivers should never try to pass one.

Video shows a semi-truck trying to pass the snowplow in Spanish Fork Canyon, about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City.

The semi clips the snowplow, causing it to go off the road and down a 300 foot embankment.

Shane Jacobson, the son of the snowplow driver, Terry Jacobson, said after seeing the video, "it's a miracle that he's here."

"I heard he went, and I warned him. Bu there's pieces of the plow all the way at the bottom," he said.

Shane said his father doesn't remember going over the embankment, but the snowplow was crushed all around the driver's seat.

"Very blessed there's something there that kept him with us," he said. "He's got us kids, he's got several grandkids, we're just worried sick about him."

Carlos Braceras, head of Utah's Department of Transportation, said Jacobson has been a snowplow driver for more than 23 years and was saved by his seat belt.

"When I saw the video it was like, Oh my Gosh, you know what? We got lucky," he said.

Braceras said drivers should never try to pass a 70,000 pound snowplow.

"Please, help us do the job we're doing for you, and help protect our employees as they protect you," he said.

"It is a dangerous job what those guys do, and they're just trying to clear the roads," Shane said. "My advice would be to slow down, and I mean that plow driver, that's a dad, that's a grandpa. To think he might not have been here, I just can't even think about it."

The driver of the semi-truck that clipped the snowplow was reportedly cited for several violations.

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