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USS New York Adopted By 9/11 Families At Ceremony In Staten Island

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- One of the ships taking part in this year's Fleet Week is the USS New York, which was built in part using steel from the World Trade Center site.

On Saturday, the ship was adopted by September 11 families in a special ceremony in Staten Island, reports CBS 2's Dave Carlin.

"It's the namesake of the city, USS New York," Capt. Bill Edge said. "The World Trade Center steel in the bow, the memorabilia that was donated to the ship from the people of New York – the fire department, the police department – that are posted all over the ship represents the Navy's way of paying tribute to the sacrifice of the people of New York."

The public streamed in by the thousands to experience the ship that represents the best America has to offer. It was a bustling and thriving symbol of the power and strength of New York – a ship with ground zero steel, a unique memorial.

"Everywhere we go, we'll do what the Navy does around the world, but we're also representing for all these people…a floating memorial that kicks but," Ensign Jennifer Traul said.

Training had been going nonstop for the crew of the ship as it prepared for its first deployment next year, but for Fleet Week, it's R&R for the crew, a chance to enjoy New York and accept heartfelt thanks for their sacrifice.

"Very proud, very proud of this ship and all the crew members," Marcia Reuben, of Brooklyn, said.

"Everybody that comes in there, there's a sense of pride as you go up on the ship," Staten Island resident Debbie Powierski said. "Everybody is very proud for it to be here. It's a great thing."

The public will be able to tour the ship for the remainder of Fleet Week.

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