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2 Women, 1 Man To Sue Usher, Claiming He Exposed Them To Herpes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Two women and a man are filing a lawsuit against R&B singer Usher, alleging that he exposed them to an STD.

There have been numerous reports that Usher was diagnosed with herpes in 2009.

He has never publicly denied those reports.

Attorney Lisa Bloom said her clients claim the singer, whose last name is Raymond, didn't warn them that he allegedly had herpes before being intimate with them, CBS2 reported.

"If Mr. Raymond is in fact a carrier of the virus as these reports state, my three clients allege that he violated their rights by failing to warn them," Bloom said. "At least one of my clients has tested positive for the virus and alleges that it was Mr. Raymond who transmitted it."

One of Bloom's clients said she had sexual relations with Usher after a concert, only to read news reports later that he has herpes, 1010 WINS' Roger Stern reported.

"I feel that my rights were violated," said Quantasia Sharpton, who does not have the disease. "He never warned me about any STDs."

The other two individuals, to be named in the complaint as Jane Doe and John Doe, will remain anonymous, Bloom said.

In 2012, Usher settled a case with another woman who claimed he had infected her.

If Usher has the disease, the lawsuit is asking a court to order him to disclose his condition to future sexual partners.

If he can prove that he doesn't have the disease, the lawsuit will be dropped, Stern reported.

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