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Travel Experts: Some Countries Beginning To Open Borders To Americans, But Eligible Limited To Residents Of Low-Infection States

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The coronavirus pandemic put a stop to most international travel almost six months ago.

Now, a major tourist destination is reopening its borders to Americans, but only some of us, CBS2's Tony Aiello reported Wednesday.

COVID-19 travel bans keep Americans from Italy, France and Greece. For frequent fliers such as travel blogger Lisa Miller, it's painful when those Facebook memories pop up reminding of trips past.

"A lot of times I just screenshot it and hold it dear and think in a year things will be different," Miller said. "Being able to get on a plane, have that exhilaration of landing in this beautiful destination, those have disappeared for now."


The list of destinations open to Americans is slowly growing. Costa Rica is now admitting U.S. passport holders, but only residents of New York, New Jersey, and 10 other low-infection states can enjoy the adventure tourism it is famous for.

"They want to open their borders. This is a country that really depends on tourism, and I think they're just trying to be smart and safe," said Chesney Davis of

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Media in England say the United Kingdom and United States are negotiating to resume limited travel between New York and London.

Brian Kelly is the travel expert known as "The Points Guy."

"Until there is a vaccine or rapid testing that is accurate, I foresee a lot more destinations adapting these in-between approaches, where instead of blocking an entire country they'll try to let people in from states that have controlled the outbreak," Kelly said.

MORETri-State Coronavirus Travel Advisory

In terms of domestic travel, ever-changing quarantine mandates make planning a nightmare.

"They change weekly. It really hurts families, especially in New York, who want to go to say Maryland for a beach vacation. It's really tough to plan and stressful if you're potentially going to have to quarantine for two weeks," Kelly said.

And if you're trying to plan holiday travel?

"Make sure everything is refundable, especially with states coming on and off the list constantly," Davis said.

The joy of travel -- another casualty of coronavirus.

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