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Upper East Side Man Threatens To Sue Neighbor Over 'Intolerable' Holiday Music

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- An Upper East Side man has had enough of his neighbor's holiday music and is threatening to sue to stop it.

Nick Wilder claims holiday tunes play nonstop as part of the display in front of socialite Lisa Maria Falcone's townhouse on East 67th Street.

"I have an office in the area and you can hear it for 16 hours in a row, and that's a nuisance, and it's not lawful, and she's going to get nailed for it," Wilder said. "She had been doing it from 7 am. in the morning. The night before I filed this case she had been playing it until midnight."

Wilder thinks his threat of a suit may have put a stop to it. No music was coming out of the holiday display Monday morning, 1010 WINS' Glenn Schuck reported.

"Like most people I like Christmas music a little bit, in small doses. It's intolerable to listen to it for hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours on end, inescapably," Wilder said.

Other residents said they don't have any issue with the music.

"I think it's really beautiful. It makes it really nice to live here, it's pretty. It's tasteful, it's a little over the top, but I don't know, it's nice," one woman said. "You really only hear it when you walk by. I live a few doors down, we've got other issues at night, I wouldn't say this is one of them. This music is almost welcome."

1010 WINS tried to get a comment from Falcone, but was turned away by building security.

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