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University Researcher Studying Prevalence Of Distracted Walking

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - We hear all the time about distracted driving, but a new study found just how common it is for people to be distracted while crossing the street.

Dr. Corey Basch of William Paterson University studied distracted walking at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, as well as at four other busy intersections.

"Almost 30 percent of those crossing on a walk signal were distracted," Basch said.

University Researcher Studying Prevalence Of Distracted Walking

The numbers were worse for people crossing against the light, Haskell reported.

"Those who were crossing on a 'don't walk' signal, 42 percent of those were distracted," Basch said.

Basch believes the behavior significantly increases the risk of injury.

Emeka Nwafor was staring at a smartphone as he crossed 42nd Street at 8th Avenue, he admitted to Haskell he knows it's dangerous.

"I feel like the way people are, it's like, if it doesn't happen to me, then there's no problem, I'm good, I've never been in an accident," Nwafor said.


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