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UN General Assembly Means Frozen Zones, Traffic Headaches

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The United Nations General Assembly is underway this week, and with it, hassles for folks trying to get around town.

With most of the world's leaders in town  for the annual gathering, security is ramped up. That means frozen zones, escort convoys and more.

WCBS 880's Mike Xirinachs With Drivers On The East Side


So you can expect blocked streets and security sweeps if you're trying to get anywhere near the United Nations.

130 heads of state will be in town, including President Barack Obama. Obama will be in town today and Wednesday.

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The NYPD is trying to coordinate 220 motorcades. Those motorcades can mean temporary headaches.

Residents who live near the United Nations think the security measures may have gotten to be a bit too much.

"It goes from sublime to ridiculous," a resident named Joanne told 1010 WINS' Glenn Shuck Sunday. "I'm already irritated, and this is costing us a fortune."

"It's really obnoxious. It's overkill," she added.

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The security measures aren't just on land. The Coast Guard is enforcing a security zone along the East River, restricting vessels near the United Nations building.

For complete list of traffic and transit disruptions, click here.


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