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Tunnel To Towers: Building Homes For Gold Star Families

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Tunnel to Towers Foundation's dedication to war veterans has extended to Gold Star families this year.

The foundation will provide mortgage free homes to the families of those who died protecting and serving our country. The Gold Star Family Home Program started this month and is part of the "In The Line of Duty Program."

"We're making this commitment, we're making this contract that if you go to war, you're serving your country, you kiss your family goodbye… and you don't come home… we're going to take care of your family," foundation CEO Frank Siller explained.

Tunnel to Towers is hoping to raise money, with donations of $11 a month, to support the new cause.

This year alone the foundation will provide mortgage free homes to 10 families. This lifts a huge financial burdened during the families darkest hour.

Marine Corporal Collin Schaaff was killed in combat in Afghanistan.

"It is absolutely amazing everything they have done is great, it is great to not have to pay a mortgage on anything," Cpl. Schaaff's widow, Sarah said. "I will say when they started contacting me I ignored them because who builds mortgage free homes for people. After meeting them was the best experience I have experienced in my life. They are fantastic people and I am so happy that they did everything I wanted in this amazing home."

Schaaff was six months pregnant with her second child and had a 16-month old daughter at home when her husband died. They owned property on Barnesville, Georgia where they had always envisioned raising their children.

"To just have a place where the girls can grow up and get older and know that they have a home. I never want my children to feel like they have to give me their piggy bank because we are having a hard time because I am a single mom," Schaaff explained.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation plans to provide 1,000 homes to Gold Star families with young children.

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