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TTYM: Watch Joakim Noah Get Spooked, An NHL Player Pick Up His Teeth And A Fan Confront A Coach

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week’s That Thing You Missed, watch a pair of Wildcats’ fans hold a dance-off, a Red Wing pick up his pearly whites, and Joakim Noah get spooked.  Who does it might surprise you.

Scare Tactics

Joakim Noah and the Chicago Bulls definitely got the best of Detroit this week, recording a triple-double against the Pistons.

The Pistons' mascot Hooper, however, got the last laugh.

Can you imagine how terrified Noah would’ve been if that was the New Orleans Pelicans’ mascot?

Story via CBS Detroit

Dance Hall Days?

Kentucky Fans Dancing At Rupp by The Cauldron on YouTube

So this happened during the Alabama-Kentucky basketball game: two “veteran” Wildcats fans getting their groove on in the stands.

Hmmm, perhaps white men CAN jump. But they certainly can’t dance.

(H/T You Tube) 


Remember the fan-involved melee I told you about last week at Utah Valley after the New Mexico State game last week?

Yeah, the one that got you sports pundits discussing whether or not college fans should be allowed to rush the court after a big win? Well, just as the dust was settling another drunk fan bad apple is about to spoil the bunch.

A UC Santa Barbara basketball fan actually ran onto the court not to celebrate, but to confront Hawaii coach Gib Arnold who had already stormed the court himself to argue with a ref.

Obviously, the student got the boot but not until after a few players pushed him around.

Hey college fans, get used to keeping your butts on the bleachers, cause at this rate, unless you’re on the team or a water boy, your feet are never gonna feel the hard court again.

Fashion side note: Ya gotta love the Hawaiian shirts, no?

Story via CBS Los Angeles

Ice Caps?

Daniel Alfredsson picks teeth up off ice by NHL on YouTube

It’s been a while since I’ve reminded you NHL players are the absolute toughest athletes in professional sports and this week’s Devils-Red Wings game provided me with the perfect opportunity.

Red Wing Daniel Alfredsson caught a stick to the mouth during a big hit into the boards. It knocked a few teeth of his out. Happens all the time.

After the blast, Alfredsson calmly skated around picking his teeth up off the ice without missing a beat. Or a shift.

Story via CBS Detroit

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