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Former Speaker Quinn 'Not Happy' About Trump Election

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said Thursday that Donald Trump's election to the presidency was like being hit by a truck.

"Am I happy that Donald Trump is the president elect? No. But I accept it," Quinn said.

Quinn did defend protesters who this week have taken to the street to make their voices heard.

"They're trying to make clear to the president-elect that he was elected by less than half of the country," Quinn said. "He lost the popular vote, and if he is going to bring us together as he said; if he is going to govern effectively, he needs to recognize the majority of people and their needs and feelings who didn't vote for him -- and that's what we do in America," Quinn said.

Quinn said she intends to keep making her voice heard. When asked whether she will run again for mayor, she made it clear she is focused on other things – but she did not rule it out.

Quinn lost the Democratic mayoral primary to Mayor Bill de Blasio in a crowded field in 2013.


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