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Truck Blocking East New York Bus Stop Suddenly Gets Expired License Plates

BROOKLYN (CBSNewYork) -- A day after CBS2 reported on a truck parked illegally and blocking a bus stop in East New York, the vehicle now has expired license plates on it - a change that switches which city department is responsible for moving it away.

The box truck is causing a potentially dangerous situation in Brooklyn. Parked in the exact spot where the Q8 bus should stop at Wortman and Fountain Avenues in East New York, the white GMC box truck now has Georgia plates that expired in 1995.

Yesterday and for months previously, the truck had no license plates on it at all. Around noon on Wednesday, the NYPD arrived to check the plate from the truck and run a tag number. If it doesn't match the vehicle it's attached to, they can pull the plate.

The truck has become somewhat of a hot potato among city agencies because of the license plate.

No tag? The department of Sanitation is responsible for moving the truck.

If there is a tag, the burden shifts to the NYPD.

And don't forget the MTA: While they have to jurisdiction over moving this truck, they want it gone because it's in the way of their buses.

Officers at the scene said their records show a total of 13 tickets issued against the truck. They say there's no number of tickets that trigger an automatic tow.

Local residents relying on the bus top have been more and more frustrated.

"The biggest thing is they say if you see something say something. '311, call 311,' issues will get resolved, you give them time," said East New York resident Ricky Thompson to CBS on Tuesday.

Thompson showed his 311 app where he began making complaints early last month saying, "Truck parked in bus stop for over two months."

On multiple occasions, 311 closed his cases, one time saying the complaint did not fall under police jurisdiction. Another time saying the police department took action to fix the condition.

Residents in the area say they've made numerous complaints that have been ignored repeatedly.

If the new license plates don't check out, the truck could be moved - once a large enough tow truck is available from the Department of Sanitation.

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