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Troubled NYC Councilman Halloran Investigated For Sexual Misconduct

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- He's already facing trial on corruption charges -- and now there are new troubles for City Councilman Dan Halloran.

The latest allegations involve sexual misconduct, CBS 2's Marcia Kramer reported Monday.

What really went on inside Councilman Halloran's office? If he turned it into, and dated two of his staffers, it could turn into

"Let me be clear: if these new allegations against Council member Halloran are true we will throw the book at him," City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said.

Quinn was furious about reports that Halloran is dating a 23-year-old intern and previously dated a $30,000-a-year aide, vowing to kick him out of the council if the reports are true. She said dating a staffer could create a hostile work place.

"We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment and that type of behavior in the council. Zero tolerance," Quinn said.

Quinn said she ordered her counsel and the Ethics Committee to investigate. In fact, the council speaker didn't waste any time. She ordered the Ethics Committee to take up the Halloran matter this week.

CBS 2's Kramer caught up with Halloran and asked him about dating his intern – a woman he described as an unpaid volunteer.

"There is no issue here. This is a friend for many, many years who I've known long before I was a councilman and whose family I've known and as a result I'm not worried and concerned that the press, instead of talking about real stories, we're focused on things like this," Halloran said.

Halloran is under indictment with state Sen. Malcolm Smith on charges of trying to fix the 2013 New York City mayoral race. He defended his actions.

"My personal relationships have nothing to do with my council office and that's the reality," Halloran said.

On the ethics probe, Halloran said, "The speaker has to do what the speaker has to do."

If the charges are found to be true the Council Ethics Committee could hit Halloran with a range of actions -- anything from sanctions to taking away his seat, CBS 2's Kramer reported.

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