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Transcript Of 911 Calls On Day Of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Below is an excerpt of some of the 911 calls made to Newtown Police on Dec. 14, 2012 -- the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

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We are not posting audio of the calls due to their sensitive nature.

Call #1, Unidentified woman  9:35:39 a.m.

911 Dispatcher: Newtown 911. What's The Location Of Your Emergency?

Woman"Sandy Hook School. I think there's somebody shooting in here in Sandy Hook School."

Dispatcher"What makes you think that?"

Woman: "Somebody's got a gun. I saw a glimpse of somebody running down the hallway. They're still around me. There's still shooting. Sandy Hook School please."

Call #3: Rick Thorne, SHES Custodian 9:36:13 a.m

DispatcherNewtown 911. What's The Location Of Your Emergency?

Thorne: Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickinson Drive.

Dispatcher: OK, I've got that. What's going on down there?

Thorne: There's … I believe there's shooting at the front – at the front glass. Something's going on.

Dispatcher: OK, all right I got I want you to stay on the line with me. Where are you in the school?

Thorne: I'm down the corridor – I'm

Dispatcher: All right I want you to take cover. Jen – get the sergeant – all right get everybody you can going down there. All right. Let me – let me get some information here. What makes you think that.

Thorne: The front glass is all shot out, it kept, it kept going on.

Dispatcher: OK 

Thorne: It's still happening!

Dispatcher: All right, what about the students in the front of the building?

Thorne: They're... they're everything's locked up as far as I know, I'm not in the front.

Dispatcher: All right – you're in lockdown?

Thorne: They're in lockdown.

Dispatcher: Did you see anything out the window?

Thorne: No, it's still going on! I can't get over there.

Dispatcher: OK, I don't want you to go over there. I want to know what's happening with the students, though, along the front corridor – this is in the front parking lot?

Thorne: Yes. I'm not – I'm not in the front, I'm actually down the other part, but I'm close.

Dispatcher: OK. Do you see anything or hear anything more?

Thorne: I keep hearing shooting – I keep hearing popping.

Dispatcher: All right. Now who am I talking with right now?

Thorne: You're talking with Rick.

Dispatcher: Pardon me? What's your name?

Thorne: Rick Thorne.

Dispatcher: Rick Thorne? All right. Rick, what's your position with the school?

Thorne: I'm – I'm acting head custodian.

Dispatcher: All right.

Other dispatcher: What's the address of the school?

Thorne&Dispatcher: 12 Dickinson Drive.

Other dispatcher: OK

Thorne: Something's happening.

Dispatcher: OK – (to dispatcher in background) Jen, hang up, I need you to get off that phone.

Dispatcher: All right, Rick? Rick?

Thorne: Yeah.

Dispatcher: All right, what are you hearing now?

Thorne: It's - Now it's silent.

Dispatcher: OK. All right. Now when you say the school is in lockdown...

Thorne: All doors are locked, kids are in classrooms.

Dispatcher: OK. So at this time you're defending in place.

Thorne: Excuse me?

Dispatcher: OK. At this time, all the rooms are locked.

Thorne: Yes.

Dispatcher: K. Did you see anything out front before this started?

Thorne: No. And I was out all morning.

Dispatcher: Where are you in the ...

Thorne: OK, the gym teacher told me they saw shadows going past the gym.

Dispatcher: Just now?

Thorne: Yes.

Dispatcher: All right. Now are they running on the outside or the inside?

Thorne: I would say that was the outside – There's still shooting going on! Please!

(sounds of gunfire in background)

Dispatcher: All right – what about injuries at this time?

Thorne: Excuse me?

Dispatcher: What about injuries at this time?

Thorne: I don't know of any injuries right now.

Dispatcher: OK

(inaudible background)

Dispatcher: Jen I need you to call the state police.

(sound of gunshot)

Thorne: There's still – It's still going on!

Call#4: Teacher calling from front hallway 9:37:06 a.m.

911 DispatcherNewtown 911. What's The Address Of The Emergency?

Teacher: It's 10 Dickinson Drive In Sandy Hook Newtown, CT

Dispatch: OK, What's Going On At 10 Dickinson Drive?

Teacher: "It sounds like there are gunshots in the hallway. I'm a teacher in the school."

Dispatcher: "OK Where...Are you in the school right now?"

Teacher: "I am in the school, I'm in a classroom."

Dispatcher: "Do you have everyone in the classroom and the door locked?"

Teacher: "All of my students. The door is not locked yet I could go lock the door."

Dispatcher: "Lock the door keep everyone down, keep everyone calm, get everyone away from the windows."

Teacher: "Yes ok."

Dispatcher: "Where are you in the school?"

Teacher: "I am in the hallway when you walk in the front entrance if you take a left."

Dispatcher: "Try to lock down the school, OK?"

Teacher: "We're trying. OK"

Call #5 9:40:02 a.m.

"This is state police I've got a victim..she's been shot once in the foot. She's in room No. 1. How close are you guys to arriving on scene?"

Dispatcher: "Female party shot in the foot."

State Police"Right by the playground. Room No. 1."

Dispatcher "Are you ok? Where's room No. 1 in the school"

Teacher: "Facing the playground.

Dispatcher: Where Are You?

Teacher: Facing the playground.

Dispatcher: On the playground?

Teacher: Facing the playground

Dispatcher: "Are you safe right now?"

Teacher: "I think so. My classroom door is not locked."

Dispatcher: "Is there anybody that can lock the classroom door...without...being safe. Is it safe to do so?"

Teacher: No.

Dispatcher: "Alright Just try to stay Where You Are, OK"

Teacher: "There are children in this room still."

Dispatcher: OKTry to apply pressure okay? We Have People Coming, OK.

Teacher: Uh-Huh

Dispatcher: Alright. Is there any other teacher with you in there or just students?

Teacher: There's two other adults in the room with me.

Dispatcher: OK, Alright. Are they right next to you? Where are they in the room?

Teacher: No they're over on the other side of the bookshelf.

Dispatcher: OK. Are you OK right now?

Teacher: For now, hopefully.

Dispatcher: OK. Alright just try to keep pressure on it. We have people heading out there.

Teacher: OK.

Dispatcher: OK. Bye-bye.

Call #6: Rick Thorne, Custodian 9:40:20 a.m.

Dispatcher: OK, I have that, we have officers on scene.

Thorne: Thank you.

Dispatcher: What's your name?

Thorne: Rick Thorne.

Dispatcher: OK

Thorne: I'm in the building

Dispatcher: All right, Rick, I gotcha, I'm on the other line. All right. We have officers there.

(background noise, dispatch noise – Newtown 911, what's the location of your emergency, repeating)

Thorne: Are you talking to me?

Dispatcher: I am talking to you. Is this Rick?

Thorne: 12 Dickinson Drive, Sandy Hook.

Dispatcher: All right, Rick, is this you?

Thorne: Yes

Dispatcher: OK. We're going back on the line together. Is that by – is that by PD?

Thorne: The firehouse. It's by the firehouse.

Dispatcher: Yeah we got, we got, I'm sorry … (background noise, discussions with dispatchers) Well I'm not let - sending them in there yet. Where is she in the school? Don't worry about where room 1 is. Where is she in the school? - Yes ma'am.  At this time it's unknown to me. We believe there is a shooting going on at that school. It is in lockdown. I don't have any other information but unfortunately I'm going to have to put you on hold for a moment because I have multiple calls going. All right?

Dispatcher. Rick?

Thorne: Yes

Dispatcher: OK. Stay on the phone with me.

Thorne: OK.

Dispatcher: 10-4, it's dispatcher (?) – yes ma'am, I just spoke with Janet Robinson, I do believe there has been a shooting at the school, we're in the middle of multiple calls. Yes ma'am.

Dispatcher: Hi, Rick, are you still with me?

Thorne: Yes.

Dispatcher: All right. What do you see now?

Thorne: I'm standing in the corridor, just watching the corridor.

Dispatcher: All right, you're watching your corridor.

Thorne:  Yes.

Dispatcher: OK. 

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