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'You Are Going To Jail': Woman Involved In Fender Bender With Tracy Morgan Describes Terrifying Ordeal

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A car crash, a screaming actor and a frightened driver made for TV moment playing out in Midtown on Tuesday when actor Tracy Morgan was involved in a minor fender bender while driving his brand new $2 million Bugatti.

Jocelyn Madulid says she was on the receiving end of the actor's rage. Morgan banged on her Honda CRV, apparently thinking she hit his Bugatti.

She told CBS2's Jessica Moore about what she said was a terrifying ordeal.

Comedian Tracy Morgan after a minor traffic accident in Manhattan on June 4, 2019. (Credit: @heyimaclown)

"'You are on your phone. You are going to jail.' He said it so many times. I said, 'I wasn't on my phone. I just called my boss now because you scared me,'" Madulid said.

Madulid says she was making a right-hand turn onto 10th Avenue from 42nd Tuesday morning when someone hit her car.

"When I was already by the light, boom, I heard someone hit me," she said.

Morgan was driving the Bugatti that he had purchased just two hours earlier.

Madulid says the actor, who she didn't even recognize at first, continued banging on her car and cursing at her until police arrived.

CBS2 went to Morgan's house to get his side of the story Wednesday. He let Jessica Moore in the gate and even answered the door himself before refusing to talk.

Madulid says once she realized who she hit, she felt pity for the star, whose 2014 accident with a Walmart truck gained national attention.

"OK, it's understandable he was so mad and he yelled at me because he was so upset," she said. "I was just concerned that he was so upset, but I was upset too. On the way home, I cried."

Madulid says she hopes Morgan is OK and that he will think twice before yelling at an innocent person again.

Neither driver was given a ticket.

There is no word on how much it will cost to repair Morgan's Bugatti.

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