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Top 5 MLB Closer Celebrations

By Jordan Tracy

With Mike Trout and Albert Pujols' mockery of Fernando Rodney's arrow shooting celebration yesterday, I came to wonder about the significance of the closer celebration. Everyone has different opinions on whether it is classless nonsense or awesome intensity displayed by the most intense players in the sport and I have come to my own opinion. I love it.

Baseball fans normally root for and love players who show a lot of fire when playing the game. Fans ate up the claw celebration from the 2011 Brewers. There were also fans who weren't so hot on Nyjer Morgan but I think that was separate from the claws and more about the arrogance of his alter ego "Tony Plush." Regardless, there is a difference between celebrations.

It's different to slap your glove and let out a primal yell when notching the save than it is to complete two somersaults. I love the passion of the yell and I think the somersaults fall on the classless side. Here is a list of some of my favorite closer celebrations to help you make your decision on whether they are classless, or awesome displays of passion.


5. Sergio Romo

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Christian Petersen)

I have Sergio Romo at number five because he doesn't really have a signature move, but the intensity is awesome. Some days you might get a yell and point to the sky and other times just a ferocious fist pump. Either way, I love it.


4. Jose Valverde

CIN@NYM: Valverde strikes out Bruce to end the game by MLB on YouTube

He was released by the Mets this year but I hope he gets things together and makes a come back. His scream and multiple fist pumps really brings out the moment in big saves. This man is insane, intense and you can't help but yell with him. Unless of course it's your team he's striking out.


3. Rafael Soriano

WSH@ATL: Soriano shuts the door on the Braves by MLB on YouTube

This one gets debated often about its class but I think the broadcasters in the video explain it perfectly. He finishes the job, his day at work is over, so why can't he untuck his shirt?


2. Brian Wilson

Wilson's Game 5 save by MLB on YouTube

Mr. "Fear The Beard" himself had a great post save ritual that drove opposing fans crazy and had Giants fans fall in love with the most zany character in baseball. He finishes with some crossed pistols to secure the victory. 


1. Fernando Rodney

OAK@SEA: Rodney fans Crisp for the save by MLB on YouTube

How don't you love this? His celebratory shooting of an invisible bow and arrow is so intense and creative. This is a ritual that has all kids imitating it when they close out a Wiffleball game in the backyard. I know I did it. Yes it's cocky and arrogant but it brings fire to the game. For example, when you celebrate prematurely and get made a fool of:

Albert Pujols and Mike Trout FIRE Fernando Rodney's arrow after they beat him in the 9th by MLB on YouTube


Honorable Mention: I left Francisco Rodriguez off of this list because he doesn't really do his old dance anymore. It's mostly just a glove slap and a yell.

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