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Toni On! New York: Visiting The Chelsea Market

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)If you love New York City like we love New York City then tag along with Toni On! We uncover hidden city secrets, show you the coolest stuff to do and hunt down the best treats because we love to eat! If you're looking for a good time, Toni is your go-to guide!

Mexican brownies with bacon bark, artisanal artichoke mac and cheese, the city's craziest chowder bowl  & you've heard of a BLT but what's a BELT??? And how do you get huevos rancheros in a crepe? Plus the best pint of brew to wash it all down. From sweets to savory this historic spot is for every single food lover out there.

We hit the old Nabisco Factory to check out the best 10 things to scarf down for less than 10 bucks. The Chelsea Market is now home to cutting edge culinary wizards who are setting the pace for New York's newest food scene. Find us on Facebook for all the deets on the eats! Or follow us on Twitter!

Toni On! New York: At the Chelsea Market and sampling a BELT

Toni On! New York: The Nabisco Factory, $10 food bargains, and visiting Lucy's Whey

Toni On! New York: Gourmet ice cream pops and chocolate brownies with chili peppers

Toni On! New York: Bad Dawgs are mad good

Tune in next week for more Toni On! New York. 

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