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Pro-Trump Ad Attacking 'Fake News' Appears In Times Square

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A pro-Trump group is letting the public know how they feel about "fake news."

The super PAC known as the Committee to Defend the President, formerly the Stop Hillary PAC, paid for a digital ad that is featured on two sides of 1515 Broadway in Times Square.

It appears in four frames with the first one featuring the words "The Fake News..." in large white text on a red background, and names several media outlets including CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, NBC News and Time.

Another frame claims news organizations would rather cover the president's second scoop of ice cream than questions about Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign finances.

Ken from New Jersey chuckled when he heard about the ad.

"I don't think there's fake news, I think the news reports the news as they see it," he said.

Deborah from Long Island finds it frightening.

"The free media and the free press is another part of our democracy," she said.

Although Thomas said some of the president's news coverage goes too far.

"Some of it's a little overboard, but some of it's on the money," he said.

The ad also urges viewers to go to the group's website, where it promises the real story about Clinton's alleged fundraising abuses.


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