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Unprecedented Security Measures Planned For New Year's Eve In Times Square

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Unprecedented security measures are coming to Times Square this New Year's Eve.

An estimated 1-million people will descend upon the crossroads of the world, and while it's one big party, it's also a big target.

As CBS2's Tony Aiello reported, some preparations for New Year's 2018 are fun and public, others are going on behind the scenes where the NYPD has been planning relentlessly.

They understand that the crossroads of the world may be in the cross-hairs of someone with bad intentions.

After Stephen Paddock killed 58 people shooting from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel on October 1.

Experts predicted the NYPD would be quick to adjust security plans.

"These public vents, they're going to have to be revisited, maybe placed in other places where they're not easy targets from hotel rooms," security expert Manny Gomez said.

High ranking police sources told CBS2 the NYPD reviewed Las Vegas and decided to position officers inside every hotel along 7th Ave on New Year's Eve.

They'll be able to more quickly respond if NYPD spotters on rooftops see anything threatening the celebration from a hotel window.

"I think it's a great idea. We can't have too much security. We need to do whatever is possible to make it safe," Dawn Cooney said.

The Halloween truck terror attack carried out by an ISIS sympathizer in lower Manhattan also prompted a security change.

For the first time, parking garages closest to Times Square will be closed on New Year's Eve, unlike past years when cars have been allowed to leave garages even after streets are closed to vehicle traffic.

"New Year's Eve, Times Square, the ball drop. I know a lot of people my age come here. It's a big tourist attraction, so I think it's great, I really do," Kristina Nieves said.


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