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Fitness, Weight Loss Tips For New Yorkers

With the daily hustle and bustle of the New York lifestyle, it can be difficult to stick to a weight loss routine. This New Year, you can take to stay in shape for 2012. CBSNewYork spoke with two health experts to nail down tips and tricks to work with your Big Apple lifestyle. Adam Bornstein, Men's Health fitness editor and co-author of The Impact Body Plan, and Women's Health fitness editor Jen Ator, break down what you need to know to slim down in New York City.

Maintaining Healthy Habits

Both Ator and Bornstein said they hear all kinds of excuses as to why people can't work out regularly, but the one they hear most frequently is "I don't have time."

"Exercise needs to be an essential part of your daily routine – like brushing your teeth," Ator said. "Whether it's getting up 30 minutes earlier to do a workout, [or] heading to the park for a 20 minute jog during lunch."

One small change that New Yorkers can easily incorporate into an everyday routine is walking.

"Being active around the city is easier than it seems," said Bornstein. "Just keep moving. Make more time to stay on your feet during shorter commutes."

Skip the subway if you can walk to your destination in 20 minutes or less. Ditch the escalator and make more of an effort to take the stairs.

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The Low Down On Street Meat

Ahh, food carts. They're part of what makes New York the city that it is. You can find all sorts of delicious meals on wheels while walking down the sidewalk. Is it ever okay to indulge?

Once in awhile, yes. "As long as it's only a minor part of what you eat during the day," said Bornstein.

So what sidewalk noshes are safe?

"Keep an eye out for anything that's not ground or blended," Bornstein said. "You'll want to grab something where you can tell what kind of meat it is – think fajita-type cuts, instead of something processed from a variety of sources."

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Don't want to give in to the food truck temptation? You don't have to.

"One great thing about New York is that you're never at a lack of food options," Ator said. "Chances are if you're near a street-meat vendor, you can walk a block or two and find a convenience or drugstore, which is filled with healthier options."

Ator's tip: Pick up a granola bar or a small yogurt to tide you over until your next meal and prevent you from binging on that sidewalk pretzel.

Step Away From The Scale

We're New Yorkers: We want visible results, and we want them fast. But both fitness experts stress the importance of stepping away from the scale.

According to Ator, a healthy weight-loss rate is one to two pounds per week.

"It's important to take your mind off the scale and create mini-goals to keep you motivated and on track."

Pick a specific diet and fitness goal each week—like swapping regular soda for water twice a day, or completing three total-body workouts—and keep track of your progress.

Bornstein agrees.

"If you have a good plan, and you pay attention to what you're supposed to be doing—instead of your weight—you will see changes," he said.

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Try This Exercise

To lose significant amounts of weight, you'll need to perform exercise. It's easier than you think! Bornstein suggests combining two exercises that require no equipment to experience a great fat-burning workout:

Perform 10 reps of push-ups immediately followed by 10 sets of squats. Then do 9 reps of pushups, followed by 9 reps of squats. Continue the pattern until you do only 1 rep each.

"You'll work your muscles, crank up your heart rate, and see faster results in a fraction of the time," Bornstein said.

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