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The Truth About Ticks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The summer weather provides ideal conditions for outdoor fun - but it's also a peak season for ticks.

A bite from one of those pesky critters can lead to Lyme disease, which can turn into some serious health problems.

Pediatrician Dr. Lisa Thebner stopped by The Couch to tell us how to avoid ticks - and what to do if you or your kids gets bitten.

"There's many different types of ticks, but the deer tick is the one that can transmit the bacteria that can lead to Lyme disease."

How do you identify the dangerous breed?

"You have to check yourself every day," she said. "The deer ticks are small, they're about the size of a sesame seed."

For more help with spotting these ticks and avoiding their dangers, check out the video below.

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