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The Question Remains: How High Is The Weiner Marriage Threshold?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Huma Abedin's decision to stand with her husband is pushing people to scrutinize their marriage. Some are even asking: how much is too much?

"I think she is beautiful and has her own talents and has her own reasons for staying in the marriage," SoHo resident Rebecca Keillor told CBS 2's Dave Carlin on Thursday.

Everyone has a Huma hypothesis. Speculating about her marriage is rampant. But she said on Tuesday it is as simple as this:

"I love him. I have forgiven him," Abedin said.

And forgiven and forgiven -- the lies, the repeated raunchy, destructive behaviors. Can any marriage survive?

For this couple deeply engaged in politics? Maybe. We've seen it before.

"My impression is she's probably getting advice from Hillary Clinton, who weathered the same storm, telling her to be steady and hold the fort and your career will flourish when the scandal subsides," SoHo resident Tameem Barakat said.

For a wife caught in an intense media firestorm, experts say surviving  requires appearing calm and steady in public, but in private it is likely very different.

"My guess is that she is deeply wounded and needs to be addressed," said Chris Samuels, executive director of the Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute.

Samuels said if Weiner is a sex addict, Abedin must look very closely not just at him but also at herself.

"If he's engaged in those behaviors that means he is emotionally unavailable to you. Your job is to look at why is that acceptable to you?" Samuels said.

"I really hope she's getting treatment to answer her needs," Samuels added.

Local residents appear concerned with the couple's well being as well.

"I do believe she's hurt and angry, putting that aside to assist her husband in his endeavors," said David Jones of Newark.

"She has to care enough about him to still be with him," added Tashiyah Hutchins of Newark.

It is Abedin's choice to stay in this marriage as it plays out in the public eye.

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