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The mystery of the marijuana smell continues at the US Open

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NEW YORK -- Something stinks at the U.S. Open. Several players and fans have noticed a pungent odor near one of the outside courts.

On Monday, Maria Sakkari mentioned something to the chair umpire while playing on Court 17.

"It was just a comment because it was smelling quite a lot," Sakkari said.

She elaborated on what she thought the distinct odor was while talking to reporters after her first-round loss.

"It's weed," Sakkari said.

She said it didn't affect her play, but other players said they have smelled it, too. So have some fans.

"I smelled some marijuana. I'm sure the players did as well," one fan said.

So the United States Tennis Association looked into it.

"We did look at our videotape and did talk to the officials that are based at Court 17. We saw no evidence of anyone smoking marijuana within the stadium," USTA spokesperson Chris Widmaier said.

So if the smell didn't originate from the stands, the theory is that it must've come from the park outside the courts. CBS New York didn't notice any marijuana smell in the park on Wednesday and asked fans if they smelled anything.

"I was just in there for the first set of the game," one fan said, adding when asked about a possible marijuana odor, "Not at all. Maybe it's too early."

"No, but my sense of smell isn't great these days," another fan said.

"We smell New York air," another added.

Court 17 passed the smell test on Wednesday, but CBS New York was told officers outside the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center are keeping their eyes and nostrils open.

While marijuana is legal in New York, the tennis center has a strict no-smoking policy.

Smoking is also prohibited at all New York City parks. 

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