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Coronavirus Cooking: The Most Searched Recipe In Every State During Quarantine

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If you're looking for new recipe inspiration, check out Google's list of the most searched recipes by state during quarantine. From sourdough bread comfort to burger bliss, these popular recipes will give your dinner rotation a needed lift.

Google Trends just broke the not-so-shocking news that search traffic around recipes has reached an all-time high. It's likely not a huge surprise to those of us who've been stuck in the house, cooking, baking, and seeking out new recipes to add to the new regular rotation. In fact, it's hard to imagine there's EVER been a time when more Americans were doing more cooking—and the data backs it up. But what the heck is everyone making in quarantine?

We're so glad you asked. Google has also released the top-searched recipes unique to each state so we could get a snapshot of what folks are making over the past month.

Comfort food is definitely hitting big with a search for hamburger recipes coming out on top in 12 states, by far the most. Bread, which seems to be in everyone's oven, came in second, with seven states searching for it most. Salmon swam to the top in four states.

In a twist, Utah is clearly out to prove its worldliness, searching for crêpe recipes more than any other state, with various other sweets turning up No. 1 in a smattering of states.

Curious about your state's most uniquely searched recipe? Check out the full results below with links to recipes or recipe roundups from our own library.

Uniquely Searched Recipes By State, Past 30 Days

Note: Unique is when a state searches for something more than all of the U.S.

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