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'The Fosters' Star Sherri Saum Visits The Couch

NEW YORK (WLNY) -- "How do you define family?" That is what the new ABC family series, "The Fosters," produced by Jennifer Lopez, asks its viewers as it portrays a same-sex couple raising a mixed family of foster and biological kids.

Actress Sherri Saum, who plays one of the parents named "Lena" in the series, stopped by The Couch to talk about the show's impact.

"I mean when we first started, before we even shot a frame of film there had been some controversy with these certain groups that came out, but other than that it's been just positive and people are really surprised- pleasantly surprised that ABC family tackled this in such a realistic way," Saum said. "Its been amazing."

Saum shared about Lopez's hands-on attitude with the show.

"She's very involved behind the scenes," Saum said.

The actress also talked about tackling new topics through television.

"It's what kids are dealing with today, so I don't think in these kids' minds, that it's something, you know, heavy," Saum said. "It's what they deal with everyday. Whether it's drugs in school, whether it's sex, it's like all these things are really happening, so we are just kind of being real with it. We're not candy-coating anything."

For more, check out the video.

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