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The cost of LASIK laser eye surgery: Best Price & Insurance

Cost of LASIK and Insurance Coverage

LASIK technology went unchanged from 1996 to 2001, and as a result, the price trended downward during that period. As technology advanced, the average price of LASIK gradually rose each year until 2009, when the price plateaued. More advanced technologies, such as Wavefront and All-Laser IntraLASIK, became widely used. As the benefits of advanced technologies became more established, the percentage of higher-priced Wavefront IntraLASIK procedures outpaced the percentage of lower-cost standard LASIK procedures. This shift accounted for a rise in "average" price. However, when making "apples-to-apples" comparisons, the actual cost of Wavefront LASIK and All-laser IntraLASIK procedures have not risen over recent years.

Today, laser eye surgery providers and vision centers offer prices as low as $250 per eye (Google "LasikPlus"), or as high as $2,000 per eye. The cost depends on the type of vision problem and the needs of the patient.

In the past and still today, insurance companies consider LASIK to be an elective procedure.  Sometimes, work conditions have generated partial insurance coverage of LASIK, but that is a rarity. Because insurance typically covers only the cost of eye health exams, which are still recommended annually after LASIK, most policies do not cover the cost of glasses or contacts. However, there are cases where vision insurance may offer partial coverage. It's always good to check with your provider.

Another thing to keep in mind: Insurance companies may partner with reputable and screened LASIK providers to offer discounts on LASIK to their members. Additionally, some law enforcement agencies and branches of the military may offer LASIK discounts either through their office or through the LASIK provider. They do this because achieving 20/20 vision without the aid of eyeglasses or contacts is largely beneficial to these jobs. Sometimes, it could make a life-or-death difference in the field.

Selecting a LASIK Provider

Advancements in technology. Rapidly improving success rates. Ever-decreasing risks to the patient. Proliferating opportunities to treat a wider range of vision problems. These factors combine to make LASIK an increasingly attractive solution. Our advice? Do your research. Read online reviews of providers. If you are in one of their markets, LasikPlus is a great option. They have performed more than 1.5 million procedures, offer lifetime guarantees, and are well reviewed. Research their doctors in Yelp and Google reviews to find the best one out there.

Above content provided by LasikPlus.

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