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The Best Fair Food In New York City

New York, NY - Sep 21, 2010 - Photo: Evan Bindelglass /
Seasoned New Yorkers know that some of the best food is found in the city's many street fairs.  You can find one schedule of local fairs at Mardi Gras Festival Productions. For your visits, CBS New York is sharing our top five food picks.

Corn Dogs

When was the last time that you ate a corn dog? Was it ages ago? If so, that is the best reason to grab one and feel like a kid again! Corn dogs are a food item that is sure to be a hit with everyone in the family - from the smallest kids to the adults. Since pleasing everyone's palate can be challenging, you might want to take full advantage of this treat.

French Crepes

The Crepes that you get at a street fair are pretty close to the authentic ones found in France minus the expensive travel. With fillings like ham, cheese, Nutella and fruit, you can make several combinations to satisfy whatever flavor cravings your family might have on the day of your visit.


An interesting blend of sweet and savory, an Arepa is a type of sandwich made with mozzarella cheese that is melted in between two cornmeal pancakes. It is hot and crispy on the outside while being warm and melted on the inside. They are simply delicious all of the way through!

Candied/Chocolate Covered Fruit

There is a stand in these Street Fairs that is paradise for those with a sweet tooth. It is called "New York Candy Apple". They offer far more than standard candy apples thought. They also have candied and chocolate covered bananas, marshmallows, strawberries and much more. With both milk and dark chocolate options as coverings, these treats are sure to please.

Italian Sausages

Last, but certainly not least, is the Italian Sausage. No New York City Street Fair visit would be complete without an Italian Sausage (mild or hot). Covered in sweet peppers and stuffed into a hunk of Italian bread, these sausages are fair staples. Usually, you can also get a funnel cake or a bag of powdered Zeppoles for dessert at the Italian Sausage stand.

In any event, these are just a few of the tasty food options that are found at local NYC street fairs. Does your family prefer anything else?

Issa M. Mas blogs at Single Mama NYC and is the founder of Your Single Parenting, a resource website for single parents.

(All images courtesy of/taken by Issa Mas)

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