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The 5 Best Restaurants In NYC For Creative Slices Of Pie

While there's nothing wrong with a wedge of good old-fashioned cherry a la mode or a bit of coconut cream with extra whipped cream, sometimes you want to give your taste buds a zap. Enter these restaurants, all of which offer unique, and yummy, pies. By Jessica Allen.

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Four And Twenty Blackbirds
(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

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Every pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds, in Park Slope, is made from scratch daily. Sisters Melissa and Emily Elsen landed in Brooklyn after growing up on a farm in South Dakota, where their family owned a restaurant. Their grandmother made all the pies, which somehow sweetens each bite of whatever deliciousness you order here. Among the most interesting slices on offer these days are salty honey, salted caramel apple, lavender blueberry, and birch beer float.

(credit: Momofuku Milk Bar)

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Perhaps the most unusual pie at the various Momofuku Milk Bars is the so-called crack pie (pictured). Like its namesake, crack pie just might make you lose all your teeth and spend all your money. Atop a toasted oat crust goes an ooey, gooey buttery filling. Grasshopper pie mixes sugar, mini chocolate chips, white chocolate, cream cheese, graham crumbs, cocoa powder, marshmallow, among other ingredients, while candy bar pie has caramel, pretzels, and peanut butter nougat on a chocolate crust.

(credit: DUB Pies)

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What makes the goods at DUB Pies unusual is the fact that this Brooklyn restaurant does more than just push the sweet stuff. Sure, you can get apple pie, but you can also make yourself a balanced meal by ordering off the (much larger) savory side of the menu. Indeed, DUB Pies specializes in the meat pies of Australia and New Zealand. You can try several, including steak and mushroom, Thai chicken curry, New York shepherd's pie (topped with mashed potatoes), or the Breakfast Pie.

(credit: Pie Corps / Facebook)

The slogan at Pie Corps is "from farm to pie plate & beyond." Another motto is "everyone loves pie." True enough. As at DUB Pies, this Brooklyn shop sells savory creations, such as Roasted Onion with Goat Cheese and Thyme, Chicken Pot Pie with Peas and Carrots, and Croque Monsieur (Country Ham, Cheese, and Béchamel). Sweet versions include chocolate peanut butter, honey lavender, and blueberry cobbler. But the real innovation lies in the sizing options: you can get a hand pie, a single-serving of pastry; a pielette, a two-bite nosh sold by the dozen; or a pie pop, in addition to whole pies and slices.

(credit: Howard Walfish)

Of course it seems logical: some of the best pies around are filled with fruit (blueberry, apple, sour cherry, strawberry, peach, pear cranberry, etc.). Other options at this Brooklyn restaurant generally range from black-bottom lemon to raspberry plum with pecan crumble to apricot nectarine to molasses pecan to plum crumble to blackberry chiffon. If you're looking for a creamier pie, go for the mocha pudding with bourbon caramel whipped cream or the Carnie pie- salted caramel peanuts with chocolate mousse.

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