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The 5 Best Gelato Shops In NYC

In honor of the official start to Summer, we're checking out all of New York's cold treats. Thick, creamy gelato is known for intense flavoring and pure decadence. 'Gelato' is simply the Italian word for ice cream, but you shouldn't get the two confused. Here are some of New York City's best gelato shops. By Siobhan Wallace.

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Grom Gelato
(Siobhan Wallace/

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When the popular Italian chain of gelatarias Grom opened in New York City, foodies from all over lined up to finally get a taste of their famed gelato and a feel for steamy nights in Rome. The rotating menu mixes up classic American and Italian flavors, and any can be thrown in the blender for a luscious milkshake.

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Otto's pastry chef, Meredith Kurtzman, is known for creating some of the finest gelato in the city, typically reserved only for desserts at Mario Batali's Otto. But you can find their Gelotto cart in Washington Square Park on nice days. Either place, make sure to try the olive oil gelato if you can--it's renowned.

il laboratorio del gelato
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Il laboratorio del gelato is the second gelato business created by Jon Snyder--the first being Ciao Bella which he sold in 1989, and this one is dedicated to unique and mature flavors. You can get anything from rose to beet to black sesame with the only consistent flavor in their case of 48 flavors being vanilla. Don't worry, almost every one of the flavors, all of which are made in the store, is a winner.

L'Arte del Gelato
(credit: L'Arte del Gelato/Facebook)

L'Arte del Gelato is another gelateria that makes all of its daily flavors fresh, and the payoff makes it not to be missed. We've heard many New Yorkers call the treats at this spot, located in Chelsea Market, the best gelato ever. Stop by to pick up a freshly-made cone stuffed with their flavorful creations, in flavors like pistachio, banana, chocolate and pineapple.

(credit: Amorino/Facebook)

The European gelati shop Amorino finally opened in New York last year bringing their style of gelato to America, though the bases are still shipped straight from Paris. You can even try the entire menu of 22 flavors all at once in their signature flower cone. It's a cone of gelato sculpted to the shape of a rose and incredibly impressive.

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