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The 5 Best Dosa In New York City

If you're not familiar with Dosas, they are a savory thin Indian crepe made out of lentils and rice. Traditionally filled with mildly spiced potatoes and onion, this light yet satisfying dish packs quite a flavorful punch. Pair it with a sweet or spicy chutney and you've got yourself an exotic meal right in the middle of the city. By Carly Petrone.

Hampton Chutney Co.

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If you're looking to start out your day with a Dosa make your way over to Hampton Chutney Co. They're serving up a tasty Breakfast Dosa ($9.95) with two eggs, spinach, roasted tomato, and jack cheese. They're also offering seasonal creations with fillings like roasted butternut squash, portobello mushrooms, roasted beets, and goat cheese. Of course, you can get the traditional Dosa like The Classic Masala Dosa with spiced Indian potato filling or Curry Chutney Chicken with spinach and balsamic roasted onion. There's also a kid-friendly menu with fillings like cheese and grilled chicken as well as cheese and scrambled eggs. There are also locations in SoHo and in the Hamptons.

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Saravanaa Bhavan is the place you go to when you're craving a traditional Indian Dosa. Each one is served with three varieties of Chutneys and Sambar (lentil based stew or chowder). Opt for the Masala Dosa – a thin rice and lentil crepe filled with mildly spiced mashed potatoes and onion – or try something different like the Dry Fruit Rava Dosa – a thin crispy wheat and rice crepe garnished with dry nuts and raisins. The Milagaipodi Onion Dosa is filled with a mixture of grounded dry spices containing dry chilies, topped with onions, lentil, and sesame seeds. Don't forget the ghee (clarified butter). Top it off with Badam Halwa, ground almonds cooked in honey and butter, and call it a night.

(credit: Yelp)

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Ganesh Temple Canteen in Queens makes huge Dosas with excellent chutney pairings. It's definitely Southern Indian food at its best. Try the Masala Dosa with coconut chutney or nibble on Murruku (crispy rice sticks) as you wait in line to order. This cafeteria-style restaurant is quick, cheap, and you can even buy bags of spices like ground Rava and Sambar. Plus, you can warm up with a nice cup of Masala Chai. Don't forget to check out their daily specials, too.

Dosa Delight
(credit: Facebook/DosaDelight)

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Dosa Delight is the perfect place to come if you have a sweet tooth. Order the Chocolate Dosa that is filled with chocolate and sprinkled with cashews. Share the Pondicherry – plain dosa layered with potatoes, spicy chutney sprinkled with red onions and cut into four pieces – or try the Plain Rava – crispy crepe made with semolina flavored with cumin seeds and curry leaves. But who can say no to a simple Butter Masala? If you've got $8 in your pocket, you can spend it here.

Dosa Royale
(credit: Facebook/DosaRoyale316)

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Dosa Royale is the place to go when you're craving something spicy. For an extra fifty cents, they'll add your choice of gunpowder, mysore, or chopped green chilies to any of your Dosa orders. They'll also let you add in an egg or paneer for just a dollar extra. Choose from a traditional spinach and paneer Dosa or something on the sweeter side like the sweet potato masala with curried sweet potato. Be adventurous and order the Uttapam – thick Dosa with onion, tomato, and green chili cooked into the batter. Wash it all down with one of their signature cocktails like the Black Flag, made from rum, black sesame syrup, lime, cardamom, and orange bitters. Make sure to look out for them at the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg.

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Carly Petrone is a freelance writer living in New York City.

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