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The 5 Best Bakeries & Cake Shops In Westchester

Looking for a good piece of cake in the Westchester area? We've been scouring the cake shops (tough job, right?) and we've sourced out the best places pick up a slice or a cupcake in the Westchester region. By Holly Rosen Fink.

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Sweet & Social Bakery
(credit: Sweet & Social)

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Sweet & Social is one of the newest cupcake shops to emerge in Westchester. Featuring dozens of flavors of cupcakes, as well as black & white cookies, brownies, lemon squares, whoopee pies, they also offer the fad of the moment: Cake pops. Cupcakes are available in standard size or minis by the dozen or you can make a special order. Kids will love the creative names of the cupcakes – from "Chatty Chocolate" to "Virtual Vanilla" to "Oreo Cookie Monster". With more than 20 cupcakes available daily, this shop is a mouth-watering experience and cupcakes start at $3.50.

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Direct from New York City comes Lulu Cake Boutique, a bakery known for their buttercream. You can stop in for a cupcake or custom order one of their wedding or special occasion cakes with polka dots, confetti, sprinkles, dragees, sugar pearls or simple flowers. They also sell cheese croissants, brownies, rugelach, yodels and an assortment of cookies. Cupcakes start at $4 and up, and 8-inch cakes that serve up to 10 people start at $40.

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A great place to hang out and have a piece of cake, La Renaissance Patisserie is reminiscent of Paris with its selection of pastries, panache cakes and mousse bowls. They also serve rugelach, savories, quiches, pies, tarts, chocolates, napoleons, éclairs, Parisian macaroons and other French delicacies, as well as a full-service lunch menu. In business, they also cater and have been granted awards by Westchester Magazine. Individual desserts cost $4-5 at the counter and pastries cost about $25 a dozen.

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Provisions Cake Shop is a cozy café that offers home made desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, layer cakes and apple crisps. Owner Nanette Conner makes everything from scratch herself. Cupcakes range from $2.50 -$3.75 each and they have a multitude of home made cakes including Carrot cake, Coconut, Red Velvet, Hummingbird, Pink Lady, Lemon Raspberry and more. Cake prices range from $20-$35 and all breakfast and lunch items are less than $10 each.

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Known as Westchester's first cupcake bakery, the Flour & Sun Bake Shop features their classic flavor, as well as 4-8 daily specials from a list that features unique flavors such as Bailys, Banana Nutella, Chocolate Cookie Dough, Churro, French Toast and many more. The cupcakes range in price from $2 and up, and you can order sheet or layer cakes for $30-$55 each. There are some seats to sit and hang out but the bakery is small. Their cupcakes are also sold at the Jacob Burns Film Center.

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Holly Rosen Fink is the founder and managing editor of The Culture Mom.

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