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Terrell Suggs: Asking NFL Prospects About Sexual Orientation Is Inappropriate

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Controversy surrounded the recent NFL Scouting Combine earlier this week when NFL prospect Nick Kasa said in a radio interview that scouts asked him about his sexual orientation.

Prior to the tight end revealing that information, Mike Florio of NBC Sports told radio host Dan Patrick that many teams were curious as to whether or not Manti Te'o was gay. Te'o likely garnered much attention in this department in light of the recent investigation that unearthed that his apparent girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, was in fact not real.

"Here's the elephant in the room for the teams, and it shouldn't matter, but we have to step aside from the rest of reality and walk into the unique industry that is the NFL," Florio told Patrick. "Teams want to know whether Manti Te'o is gay. They just want to know. They want to know because in an NFL locker room, it's a different world. It shouldn't be that way."

Asking NFL Prospects About Sexual Orientation Is Inappropriate

Is it a different world in an NFL locker room?

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs chatted with WFAN co-hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on Wednesday morning, and he shed some light on the subject.

"Some locker rooms are different, (and) I only can speak for my own," Suggs said. "No, I don't think (an openly gay player) would have a tough time in our locker room. We have a really laid-back, chill locker room, and we welcome everybody. We accept everybody for who they are. But I also think that's pretty much an inappropriate question to ask a kid.

"If the kid can play, regardless of what he does with his off-the-field time ... If the kid can play, if he's got lights-out talent, I think that's the only thing he really needs to be held accountable for."

Suggs' teammate, Brendon Ayanbadejo, is very open in his support of gay marriage. Suggs told the co-hosts that the Super Bowl champions were very accepting of Ayanbadejo's beliefs.

"We stood by Brendon," the five-time Pro Bowler said. "It comes down to religion, and there are certain things that guys are allowed to disagree on. But this is America, and you get to have your opinion and you get to have your beliefs. Like I said, in our locker room we accept everybody for everything. Our No. 1 goal is to come together, and let's win some football games -- not to scrutinize a person on his personal beliefs or his sexual orientation."

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck told reporters prior to the Super Bowl that he wouldn't have any problem having a gay teammate.

Do you agree with Suggs? Sound off with your thoughts and comments below...

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