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Ten NYC Alternatives To Starbucks

A Starbucks shop in New York City.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the beverages Starbucks has to offer and surely the coffee retailer is very much loved by many New Yorkers, but in a place as diverse and culturally rich as New York City, there must be other, tasty options -- and less expensive ones as well -- for java junkies or tea enthusiasts looking to get their fix. Here's a list of ten such places and a sample of their prices.
-- By Nicola A. Menzie

Joe The Art Of Coffee

Several locations (see website)

Reviews & more info

Buzz: the cappuccino is to die for

Prices: $2.12 espresso, $3.24 cappuccino, $2.31 hot tea

Subtle Tea
Patrons at Sublte Tea (credit:

Subtle Tea

121 Madison Avenue
(212) 481-4713

Reviews & more info

Buzz: ask the staff for a recommendation

Prices: $1.75 hot tea, $2 iced coffee, $4.10 green tea frappe

Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

138th West 10th Street
(212) 929-0821

Buzz: coffee is great, but prices are kind of iffy

Prices: $2.15 coffee, $2 espresso, $2.65 tea

Café Grumpy's Chelsea location. (credit:

Café Grumpy

224 West 20th Street
(212) 255-5511

2 Brooklyn locations, (see website)

Buzz: the staff is kind of grumpy, but the coffee is great

Prices: $2.50 espresso, tea, coffee

RBC Coffee

71 Worth Street
(212) 226-1111

Buzz: iced coffee is highly recommended

Prices: $2 espresso, $3 cappuccino, $2.50 iced coffee

Mud Coffee's mud truck. (credit:

The Mudspot

307 East 9th Street
(212) 529-8766

Reviews & more info

Buzz: good coffee and chai latte

Prices: $2 coffee (or mud), $1.50 espresso, $3.50 latte


10-93 Jackson Avenue, Queens
(917) 832-6726

Buzz: the Stumptown blend is highly recommended

Prices: $2.50 espresso, $2 coffee, 2.25 tea

Tai Pan Bakery

37-25 Main Street, Queens
(718) 888-1111

Reviews & more info

Buzz: variety of beverages, but it's really all about the pastries

Prices: $2.50 iced coffee, iced tea

Gimme! Coffee Barista
Gimme! Coffee barista Sheena Heise (credit:

Gimme! Coffee

495 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn
(718) 388-7771

228 Mott Street, Manhattan
(212) 226-4011

Reviews & more info

Buzz: the iced coffee and espresso are very popular

Prices: $2 espresso, $1.45 brewed coffee, $1.90 hot tea

Indian Road Cafe

600 W. 218th Street
(212) 942-7451

Buzz: excellent coffee

Prices: $.175 coffee, $2 espresso, $3.25 cappuccino

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