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Woman Steals Wallet From Christmas-Shopping Teen In NJ Walmart

RIVERDALE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A New Jersey teenager saved her money just to buy her grandmother a special Christmas present.

Emily Moriarty's grandfather passed away just three weeks ago, so she knew her grandmother -- spending her first Christmas in 69 years without him -- could use a little something extra this holiday season.

But when the 15-year-old Hillsdale teen dropped her wallet in the middle of shopping at the Walmart in Riverdale, a heartless thief took all that away.

Emily and her mom were browsing the DVD section when the wallet fell out of her pocket.

Surveillance cameras captured a woman walking near the girl and kicking the wallet away before picking it up and leaving.

Police say the wallet contained $130 in cash.

"It was my birthday money from last week," Emily said.

"She put it right in her pocket," Emily's mom Toni said."Very disheartening."

Riverdale Police Lieutenant James MacIntosh is hoping for a positive outcome.

"Hopefully she is going to do the right thing, put it out there," he said. "Hopefully someone somewhere must know her and tell them, 'ya know, police know about this'."

Emily says the timing of it all is what's most upsetting.

"It made me feel really upset especially because it's the season of Christmas, the holidays, and giving," she said.

Police and the Moriarty family are hoping the woman finds it in her heart to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, the teenager has decided to turn the horrible experience into a chance to do some good.

On Tuesday, Walmart donated a gift card to her so she could buy a present after all.

Emily decided to donate the card to charity instead.

Police ask anyone with information to call 973-835-0034.

If caught, the suspect could be charged with a disorderly person offense for theft.

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