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Teen Thrillseeker Climbs Skyscraper After Being Arrested For Climbing 1 WTC In 2014

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A teenager who was arrested in 2014 for climbing One World Trade Center recently tried another dangerous climb.

As CBS2's Ali Bauman reported, Justin Casquejo's most recent social media pictures atop city skyscrapers have again caught the attention of police.

"You guys have no idea how beautiful this is," Casquejo says in a YouTube video as he stands atop a tall building.

Perhaps it is beautiful, but Casquejo is putting his neck on the line once again for the daredevil shots.

"All the money they put in security, and he proves to them, it's not so secure," said Casquejo's neighbor, Roberto Speer.

Casquejo made headlines back two years ago when he was arrested for climbing One World Trade Center at the age of 16. He pleaded guilty to breaking a city law against scaling tall buildings without permission, and he was sentenced to 23 days of community service.

But the thrillseeker is back at it. The video posted to Casquejo's YouTube page earlier this month shows him ascending 220 Central Park South at night for a view of the sunrise, as he hangs from scaffolding high in the sky.

Property owners and contractors did not respond to CBS2's request for comment. But signs posted at the construction site warn trespassers of surveillance cameras.

A worker outside the building said there is also always security present.

A New York State Court spokesman defended a judge's initial decision in 2014 of conditional discharge and community service for Casquejo, telling CBS2 that after he was arrested again in New Jersey, "his sentence was increased to three years' probation that was recently terminated early due to his compliance."

And Casquejo is not wasting time since his probation ended. Two days ago, he posted a picture of himself scaling an unidentified building above Columbus Circle.

The security team at Trump Tower insisted it was not their building, and they are not concerned about Casquejo's stunts.

The NYPD said the commanding officer is aware of the situation, and the Midtown North Detective Squad is investigating. So far, there are no arrests.

Police said there has not been another attempted climber at One World Trade Center since Casquejo in 2014.

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