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Tech Gifts Dad Has To Have For Father's Day

What do you get the dad who seems to have it all for Father's Day? Some of the latest and great technology, of course. No matter what your budget, there's some fun tech gadgets that you can get dad for work, play and working out. Here are just five of the latest and greatest tech pieces out there, and all make fabulous and useful gifts.

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FitBit Blaze

FitBit Blaze Father\'s Day Gift

For the dad who loves to exercise, get the latest and greatest FitBit. Not only does it automatically record workouts as well as track steps and burned calories, but the heart-monitoring watch also monitors your sleep patterns. So what makes the Blaze different than other FitBits? It has connected GPS so you can map your routes on your phone, on-screen workouts that give you step-by-step coaching, and PurePlus Heart Rate that can help your dad maintain the workout intensity he wants to. Prices start at $199.


BoomCloud Father\'s Day Gifts

If your dad is regularly plugged in for music and sound—either on his commute, for his workout, or even for his gaming activities—get him something that will make his music experience even better, BoomCloud. Depending on what audio needs amplifying, there's various BoomCloud products that supercharge his existing speakers or headphones by dramatically changing the quality—for the better. Prices start at $99.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Father\'s Day Gifts

If you have a sizable budget, go big with your tech gift and nab one of the most popular laptops currently available. That's because it combines the performance of a laptop with the adaptability of a tablet. It can be used in laptop mode, or with a pen. And with 6 million pixels, the quality is unbelievable. Up to 16 GB of storage isn't bad, either. Dad will most definitely appreciate this generous gift that he can use for both work and play. Prices start at $499.99 and depending on add-ons and storage, can be up to $1,500.

TYLT Energi 6K

TYLT Energi 6K Father\'s Day Gifts

With all of dad's tech gadgets, chances are he's always on the go. And chances are he needs an easy way to keep everything charged. The Tilt 6K plugs in to any wall electric outlet, and using a USB port can change any USB powered device, from a smartphone to a tablet. But that's not all; once it's done charging the device that it's attached to it, the Energi 6K has a 6,000Ah battery onboard that holds a charge; that means dad can take it with him wherever he goes, and keep all sorts of devices charged even though he's carrying only one charger. Prices start around $59.99.

Apple TV

Apple TV Father\'s Day Gifts

Get dad the latest and greatest Apple TV there is by buying him a fourth generation. Even if your dad is tech challenged, he can appreciate this gift. It offers voice control as well as assistance from Siri. With the purchase of Apple TV, Dad also gets access to all the content—movies and TV shows—that Apple offers. It can also be used for gaming, as the Apple TV can be connected to wireless controllers. It can be bought with 32 GB or 64 GB, and HDMI to HDMI cable is another option. Prices start at $129.

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