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Taylor Swift Taking Over Tribeca?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Taylor Swift takes Tribeca.

The superstar reportedly just purchased her third property on the same block. Now, many want to know: What's her end game?

Swift reportedly bought the property on Franklin Street for nearly $10 million. It's the second floor of the same building where she already owns the penthouse and the townhouse next door, CBS2's Dick Brennan reported.

"Taylor Swift is apparently taking over Tribeca," said Brian Balthazar, editor of

He says very few people can afford to do this. But when you're Swift, anything is possible.

"The big question is: What is she going to do with all this space? She already has two floors of a unit she calls home. Maybe she wants to connect these two. Maybe she wants to start a recording studio," Balthazar said.

City records show the purchase brings her total spending on the block to a whopping $47.7 million.

Those who live in the area don't seem to mind her takeover at all.

"If you have the money, go ahead and do it," one man said.

"Well, it's good for real estate value," another added.

One neighbor said he lives right below the singer.

"My daughter wants to invite her down and bake cookies. That's the kind of neighbor she is," he said.

But if she does eventually buy up all the properties on Franklin Street and could rename it, what would it be called?

"Hopefully it's not after one of her bad relationships," said one woman.

"Maybe Franklin Street. She doesn't use As a lot when she says her own name, she usually says 'Taylor,'" a man added.

Or maybe she has grown to love the name Franklin Street so much, she will name her next album or song after it.

Another notable person who lives in Swift's building is Aziz Ansari, who bought his pad for almost $6 million.

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