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Target's CBGB-Style Storefront Triggers Ire Among NYC Culture Critics

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - This weekend, Target opened its new East Village shops on 14th Street between Avenues A and B, and one storefront had New Yorkers doing a dubious double-take: TRGT, in the letters of the Bowery's now closed CBGB club.

Although billed as an homage to the famous NYC punk rock and new wave club which shut its doors in 2006, social media critics were quick to speak out on a painful reminder of losing the iconic venue.

"Jane Jacobs is rolling in her grave today," posted Jeremiah Moss, author of the book "Vanishing New York." "Target has opened on Ave A, and for their grand celebration they have committed what might be the most deplorable commodification of local neighborhood culture I've ever witnessed."

"This is a stunt that probably sounded cute in brainstorming, didn't consider the larger meaning of what it represents, upset true believers but will probably succeed anyway because a lot of people just want to pose for a selfie with a giant red guitar," posted PR firm Adam Ritchie Brand Direction.

"Full disclosure: I actually shop at Target. But this - as part of the new store in the East Village - spits in the face of everything CBGB stood for," said Earl Douglas, executive director for the NY Chapter of The Black Rock Coalition.

"If the Target/CBGB store bums you out wait until you see CVS No Rio," posted Dan Brennan.

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