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Sweeny: A-Rod, Jeter And Other Notes From Nashville

By Sweeny Murti
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The bombshell about A-Rod's latest injury leaves us all wondering what he has left. Let's face it -- it is perfectly clear to all of us that he is not a 30-100 guy anymore.  He managed to get there in 2009 and 2010, but the injuries have kept him off the field for far too long the last couple seasons, and they will again in 2013.

The money is gone now. You're not getting what you paid for, and to somehow try to get that level of production out of him is ridiculous. Now it's about figuring out what you can get from him that can help your team, and how you fit the pieces together.

This is not an enviable job for Joe Girardi.

You know who had the best job?  Joe Torre.  He got to manage all the great Yankees in their primes. In 2013,  Girardi will manage four players (Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte) who are a combined 161 years old by season's end, and are all coming off major injuries and/or surgeries.

Torre, who was in Nashville to talk about his upcoming managing stint for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, was asked about his thoughts on Girardi's task at hand:


While there were certainly ups and downs between Torre and A-Rod during their time together, there is no hiding the fondness that Torre has for Jeter, Rivera and Pettitte.  Torre was asked if he had any doubts about what those players will bring back with them in 2013.


Speaking of Jeter, by the way, Harold Reynolds of MLB Network showed this picture to refute the "Derek Eater" headlines and the questionable pictures from a few days ago.  Here is the picture that Reynolds took and tweeted via MLB Network on Monday:

Derek Jeter Shows Off Lean Physique
(credit: Twitter/@MLBNetwork)

The captain appears to be in much better shape here, and Brian Cashman said he is still on target for Opening Day.

*Are there in-house options at third base?  Well, with Eric Chavez being a free agent, the only third baseman currently on the roster (not counting Eduardo Nunez, who Cashman said he doesn't want to use there) is David Adams.  Healthy and turning heads in the Arizona Fall League, Adams could get a good look in Spring Training.  He is the player whose injury killed the Cliff Lee deal two years ago.

However, there will be other bodies to play third base for the Yankees.  We're just waiting now to see where they come from.

*The Yankees have a right-field hole to fill, and one team executive told me it could very well be filled by Mike Morse of the Nationals.  If the Nats can re-sign Adam LaRoche, they will make Morse available.

*Can Francisco Cervelli be the Yankees' everyday catcher? A scout who absolutely loves Cervelli told me that he's played very well in Venezuela this winter, but he still doesn't consider him a No. 1 guy.  So the search continues. Sorry, Cervelli fans.

Should the Yankees go after Mike Morse to replace Nick Swisher? Can Francisco Cervelli replace Russell Martin as the team's everyday catcher? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below...

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