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Many In New Jersey Still Struggling To Recover 5 Years After Sandy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- It's been nearly five years since Sandy, but a new report finds people are still struggling to recover.

There's no official number of how many families remain displaced by the storm, but the nonprofit New Jersey Resource Project surveyed more than 500 families, and Director Amanda Devecka-Rinear said 22 percent are still not home.

"Fifty-six percent of the people that responded to our survey have had trouble paying bills like food and gas since the storm," Devecka-Rinear said. "So what storms like this really do is they can really destabilize families and communities."

The survey found insurance fell short for 77 percent and more that 70 percent say they have physical and mental problems from stress and anxiety. Thirty-two percent fell behind on their mortgage or rent.

The report concludes New Jersey families still need help and long term the National Flood Insurance program should be reformed.

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