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Super-Cute Dog Opens Window, Helps Save Himself From Apartment Fire On Upper East Side

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A dog trapped in a fire in an apartment on Manhattan's Upper east side managed to save its own life with the help of the fire department.

The bond between Susan Capozzoli and her rescue dog Scotch is indescribable, reports CBSN New York's Jenna DeAngelis.

She couldn't imagine life without him, but they had a close call on Wednesday when smoke filled her Tudor City Place apartment.

The FDNY says the fire was accidental caused by cooking. Capozolli was not home at the time and is now forever grateful to the FDNY for rescuing the pup.

Scotch the Dog
Scotch the Dog (credit: Susan Capozzoli)

PHOTOS: See A Gallery Pictures Of Scotch The Dog

She says her neighbors saw the dog sticking out of a window which he managed to open himself.
Yes, the dog opened the window. By himself.

You may be surprised, but Capozolli is not.

"With his nose he opens the latch and then he pushes the window out," she said. "He does it all the time, he loves to do it.

"I was glad he was safe and I was actually really calm until I saw him, and then I just fell apart," said Capozolli.

Not only is Scotch a smart dog, he's a friendly dog. His owner says he made friends with the FDNY.

"He just wouldn't leave the guys, they were amazing," said Capozolli. "They were just unbelievable. I don't think he would have been here if it weren't for them."

Unfortunately, she had to leave her home and believes many of her clothes are ruined, but in the meantime the pair has a place to stay at a work office on the Upper East Side.

In all of this, she just feels lucky that they still have each other.

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