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Not Into Football? There's Still Fun To Be Had During This Year's Super Bowl

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- More than 103 million people watched the Super Bowl last year.

What about all the people at the party who don't watch the game, but still want to be a part of the big day? When it comes to this year's game, for some folks it doesn't matter if it's a Patriots or Rams victory.

Their only goal is having some gameday fun.

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"When you can be silly at a party and sing your best Maroon 5 impression, that can definitely be a win," lifestyle expert Valerie Greenburg told CBS2.

Greenburg suggests party hosts hold a karaoke contest featuring music by the halftime show headliners. Another possible option is a contest in the kitchen to coincide with kickoff.

"This is a time you can showcase your cooking skills by bringing the best dip ever, a real standout," Greenburg said.

It turns out, there are still a lot of folks who want to be a part of the Super Bowl festivities, but need other activities. Balloon Saloon owner Sharon Hershkowitz says she's been flooded by similar calls.

"I hate football, I need something else to do," she said.

Hershkowitz says people have been placing their balloon orders for parties, asking for football alternatives.

"We have the chicken wings, we need other things to keep the party going and start a conversation," Hershkowitz said.

Sharon's been selling out of 90s trivia, table top pool, and even horse racing games.

"All kinds of things we can offer for people who aren't into football, but are into partying," Hershkowitz said.

Party planner Sheri Kertzner suggests something called "peanut pong."

"So instead of beer, in case you have kids at the party, we use peanuts and we actually set up a point system for each of the cups," Kertzner said.

Kertzner has gotten creative, to accommodate guests on game day who aren't the type to buy a pool box but still want to be involved in the game.

"Football bingo, and we use things that we know will come up during the game so if someone stands up and cheers, or if a car commercial comes up," Kertzner said.

There's even a bingo box to check off when a referee makes a controversial call.

The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching, but don't worry if you're still not prepared for your party. Many of these activities are easy to set up, and cost less than $20.

The game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Sunday on CBS2.

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