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For New Yorkers There's Nothing Super About Watching Eagles, Pats Play For Title

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A lot of New York football fans say this Super Bowl will be a nightmare.

The matchup is set.

The AFC champion New England Patriots will take on the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, but Jets and Giants fans say there's nothing super about that.

"I love to hate both. They're like math homework and science homework, the flu and pneumonia," April Brucker said.

The Eagles and Patriots are arguably the most hated sports teams in the Big Apple and they're fans know it.

"The Giants fans are the worst because they can talk the most crap to us because of the Super Bowls," Eagles fan, Alex Soto said.

"With the Jets and Giants we get a lot of hate. People are not happy that they're not in the Super Bowl, but listen I have two words for you 'Tom Brady," Patriots fan Diogomaye Ndaiy added.

The Jets and Patriots are AFC arch rivals. It's a bitter Boston-New York rivalry riddled with fights, close games, and scandals.

"The Patriots, can't watch them again, it's awful," Eli Ganias said.

There's certainly no love lost between the Giants and the Patriots since Eli Manning is the only quarterback to defeat them in a Super Bowl, but the Giants and Eagles NFC East rivalry is one of the fiercest in the NFL.

"I hate Philly. I hope they lose," Tijuan Colbert said.

Jets and Giants fans are proud to show their true colors, but when the Empire State Building turned its lights on Sunday night, New York fans were turned off.

The building was all aglow in green and white and red and blue in honor of the Super Bowl competitors -- not the New York home teams.

"Just don't put nothing up at all if you gonna put up they two colors, I mean come on. Who's doing that over there?" Tijuan said.

Locals said the Super Bowl does have them looking forward to a couple things; commercials, and baseball season.

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