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Long Island Slammed With Snow, Winds Create Whiteout Conditions As Nor'easter Moves Through

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Long Island bore the brunt of Saturday's Nor'easter, with heavy snow and high winds creating blizzard conditions.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul called the storm "very serious," adding, "this could be life-threatening."

WATCH: Gov. Kathy Hochul Gives Storm Update

Heading eastbound through Suffolk County, CBS2's Jennifer McLogan saw treacherous, whiteout conditions and blowing snow. Plows were unable to keep pace and there were dozens of roadside emergencies.

"It absolutely is dangerous because people out on the road, they can't see, they lose visibility, they could swerve off the road and get stuck, I guess like that last guy you saw," Bayport plow driver Rob Maag said.

Cameron Batterberry was trying to do a good deed when he got stranded.

"I was just dropping my sister off literally around the corner, and I came to look at the water 'cause it's all frozen over, so I had to look, and then I got stuck," he said.

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Winds off the ocean gusted into the 50s in Sayville, where Fire Island ferries stayed docked amid a frozen bay.

High tides are being monitored across the South Shore.

Danny Gambino, owner of Sayville Pizza, was shoveling out his business.

"We are open right now, yes. We figured a lot of people couldn't get out of their house, so we made an effort to come out and get the place open so we could serve the community," he said.

It was the only open restaurant in town, but nearly 100% of the customers wanted delivery.

"Not all heroes wear capes," the pizza delivery worker said.

By Saturday night, home- and business owners were trying to clear 20 inches of snow after the relentless blizzard.

Officials say it's important to have clear roads for first responders and medical emergencies.

More than 100 crashes were reported in Suffolk County, and sidewalks can be hazardous, too.

"Trying to do the right thing and clear the sidewalks, make it safe for the community and also help out my fellow business owners, so we are shoveling down the block," said Kevin Tom, owner of Cameron Jewelers in Sayville.

"I'm applying to the Peace Corps right now, so it's in my nature, I guess, to help the community. Also, my parents are always about helping your elders," said Alexandra Tom, who was shoveling sidewalks.

Michael Devenau was using his Jeep to transport props and costumes for his dance academy.

"We were supposed to have a show today 'cause we're doing Willy Wonka over at the Amity Theater in Oakdale, but obviously it's been canceled," he said.

As the blizzard wound down, the Scottos invited friends and neighbors inside.

"Jen and I had a plan, we were gonna walk through town, but the wind and everything stopped us, so we decided to make a turkey and have some friends over. We're having some wine," Lisa Scotto said.

"We love snow, my husband and I, so we walked here. And we just love, Lisa said let's get together, and we just love the snow, and it's just very comforting," Jennifer Cifelli said.

WATCH: CBS2's Vanessa Murdock reports from Oyster Bay

CBS2's Vanessa Murdock reported from Oyster Bay.

A plow driver named Andrew said around 2:30 p.m. that he had been out since about midnight.

"After a while, you just coast, I'm fine. I'll get tired tonight, sleep, and that'll be it," he said.

Blacktop could be seen on the roads by mid-afternoon, and Andrew said the road conditions weren't too bad in the area.

"We're down in Oyster Bay Cove and they're pretty fine. All night wasn't terrible. The snow is very light, not much ice, so that's it," he said.

WATCH: Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone Checks In With CBS2

"Tonight, we are expecting that we will have wind chills below zero. As we work to get the snow off the roadways, as the snow continues to fall through the evening, those temperatures will help lock in ice and snow that is on the ground," County Executive Steve Bellone said. "That will create hazardous conditions through the night and tomorrow, as well. This is a significant blizzard and there is a lot of work left to do."

CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff was in Bay Shore, where the downtown area looked completely deserted.

"It's starting to refreeze, so there's a layer of ice over that snow that's on the ground that's been packed," snowplow driver Ethan Viola told Gusoff. "So it's very dangerous and it's tough to see."

WATCH: CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports from Bay Shore

As Gusoff reports, some of the few drivers who did venture out on the roads were getting stuck in the snow. CBS2 crews and a good Samaritan helped them get moving again.

"At least four, five people are stuck on this block alone ... Four to five cars. Subarus and the Audis," the good Samaritan said.

"Why are they telling you they're even out?" Gusoff asked.

"Oh, I have no idea. Probably cruising around," he said.

"You don't ask questions. You helped," Gusoff said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got the four-wheel drive, so it's all good," he said.

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Earlier Saturday morning, CBS2's Ali Bauman reported from Riverhead.

It snowed for several hours overnight, but the flakes were small and the accumulation was slow.

Bauman grabbed a bite at Signature Bagels, one of the only open places in town.

"It's the plow guys, mostly plow people, they're all coming in. Everyone else is snowed in, I guess," the owner said.

Meanwhile, PSEG Long Island had 900 crews ready to respond to power outages. National Grid was also making the rounds to check on its equipment. Power outages so far have been isolated.

Islip Airport remains closed. The LIRR hopes to reopen Sunday, but the tracks were a sheet of ice Saturday night. Slowly NICE bus service is resuming in Suffolk County.

In Cutchogue, an elderly man died after apparently falling into a swimming pool while shoveling.

WATCH: Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman Checks In With CBS2 

Over in Nassau County, a car was struck by a train in Farmingdale. The driver was not inside, and no injuries were reported.

"We're doing a good job removing the snow, but there is ice underneath and it's very, very slippery, and with respect to when I think it might be safe to get back on the roads, I would say do not get on the roads before noon tomorrow," Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said.

A possible storm-related death is also under investigation after an elderly woman was found dead inside her car with the window slightly cracked around 2:45 a.m. outside the Marriott in Uniondale. It appears she suffered a medical emergency.

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