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East Islip residents wake up to their roads submerged in floodwater

Roads, backyards submerged after heavy rainfall in Suffolk County
Roads, backyards submerged after heavy rainfall in Suffolk County 02:01

NEW YORK - Some residents in Suffolk County woke up to feet of water outside their homes and in their basements after heavy rainfall pummeled the area. 

Walking through 5 inches of flood water in East Islip, you'll end up finding basements underwater and backyards turned into ponds.

"It's nothing like I've ever seen before," said Pete Mabanta, who lives in East Islip.

Gov. Kathy Hochul update on flooding, severe weather in New York 12:08

Residents say the flooding happened within a matter of hours overnight and into the morning. While some stayed on their lawns to see the sight, others drove right through it. 

"My dad had to push a car since there was a car stuck all the way to a house down there," said Camryn Mabanta, who lives in East Islip.

"It was right by the stop sign there and had to push him up over there so he could get towed to safety," her dad said.

Certain pockets of this Bayview Avenue saw significant flooding compared to others. CBS New York visited Brushwood Court, which was the only road closed off because of how deep some of this water was. A lot of residents say there were drainage issues going on there and say this is not the first time it's happened.

"I have three drains here. The water was coming out of the drains, not going into them," said Jimmy Hand, the Assistant Fire Chief of East Islip Fire Department

Hand is typically out on calls helping other residents when their homes are flooded. But instead, he spent the day pumping out water from his crawl space and backyard.

"Hopefully I can get the water down enough to where, if it does rain again, it won't go up to the bottom of my house," said Hand.

Residents say if more rain is set to hit this community, they're hoping their town will clean out the debris from these drains. Most of them were submerged in Sunday's flooding.

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