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Subway Service Disruptions To Snarl Weekend Travel

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- Delays, detours, and disruptions – a simple subway ride could turn into an underground experience this weekend, with service changes creating a perfect storm for millions of riders.

Construction work is causing one of the biggest subway disruptions in New York City history, impacting 18 of the 19 subway lines that normally run on weekends.

Service is suspended on the "R" train in Brooklyn, while "6" trains will not be stopping between Pelham Bay Park and Parkchester. The "A" train will be skipping several stops, and the "1" line has been taken completely out of commission.

As an alternative, the MTA is providing shuttle services, as up to 600 additional buses were scheduled this weekend to pick up the slack.

Still, as all commuters know, above-ground trips take much longer.

"I took an extra 45 minutes today, because the shuttle bus is usually pretty slow," Megan Heeley said.

Signs are posted at affected stations, but riders say they didn't do much to alleviate the confusion.

"I think it's down for construction, but I'm not really sure," Megan Amaniera said.

Despite the extra commute time, straphangers seem to be taking the delays in stride.

"It is an inconvenience, but they have to do track work, because our station needs more maintenance," Heeley said. "All the stations above 158th Street need a lot more maintenance."

"It's going to take a lot longer to get where I'm going, so it stinks, but at least it's free," Amaniera said.

The good news for subway riders is that things will be back to normal on most lines by Monday morning.

For more information on the service disruptions and suspensions, click here.

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