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Beating Caught On Tape On New York City Subway Train Uploaded To YouTube

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- It's not even summer yet things are already heating up underground.

A fight between passengers on a New York City subway train was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. It is yet another example of the bizarre world that's beneath our feet.

In the video, a man wearing glasses, a blue, Hawaiian-style shirt and what appears to be a blue doo-rag with a pattern on it can be seen through the subway doors raining punches down on another man.

VIDEO: Subway Beating Caught On Tape

A woman and a man appear to be trying to separate the two combatants, but to no avail. Earlier in the video, a woman outside the car knocks on the doors in an apparent effort to stop the fight.

When they are all unsuccessful, the beating becomes more intense. The man in the Hawaiian shirt can be seen gripping a handful of the other man's hair and sends six more punches directly into his face.

The person on the receiving end of the punches gets hit at least 17 times in the 1:39 video. The apparent victim here doesn't land a single one of his own.

According to the information uploaded with the video, the brawl began over a seat on the train.

The actual where and when of the video are unclear.

It's just the latest subway attack that has been caught on tape. We've previously seen a man strip down to his briefs and pole dance during a flash moba brawl that began over a bowl of spaghetti, the confrontation between "Bloody Loco" and a cool passenger, and a naked man's meltdown, among others.

What gives on the subway system? Do you have any additional information on the incident? Sound off in our comments section.

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