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Study: Nighttime Texting Causing Loss Of Sleep In Students

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A Seton Hall University study done on some northern New Jersey teens took an eye-opening look at the links between texting and loss of sleep.

As WCBS 880's Levon Putney reported, Edison Public Schools allowed about 3,000 of their middle and high school students to take part in the study.

"And therefor we have a number that I think has some significance," said study co-author Dr. Peter Polos.

Dr. Polos is a sleep specialist at Seton Hall's School of Health, and said the results were not surprising.

"Over 60 percent of them were texting after 'sleeping hours,'" he said.

Dr. Polos said half of the students are awakened by incoming texts and replies.

"And 'I wonder if somebody answers.' And then you get the ding, someone did. Now you've got to know what they said," he said.

And that's the problem, according to the study.

"So yes. Parents should set a reasonable time to go to sleep. A reasonable time to wake up," said Dr. Polos.

And a reasonable time to put down the phone.

"Look, kids need their sleep," Dr. Polos added.

He said adults need to as well, but a lack of sleep hurts a child's development.

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