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Study: Nearly 10 Percent Of NYC Drivers, 15 Percent Of Cabs Run Red Lights

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- According to a new study, a good number of New York City motorists blow through red traffic lights.

The report released by Hunter College students found nearly 10 percent of city drivers and 15 percent of taxicab drivers don't stop for red lights.

"This is actually a conservative figure because if the analysis were confined to vehicles that approached the intersection immediately after the light changed from yellow to red, the incidents would be much greater. In fact, it's almost twice the rate," said sociology Professor Peter Tuckul.

Study: Nearly 10 Percent Of NYC Drivers, 15 Percent Of Cabs Run Red Lights

The results were determined by students who monitored 50 intersections in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

Tuckul -- who directed the study along with Urban Planning Professor William Milczarski -- told 1010 WINS the report also has a breakdown of who's doing what.

"One surprising finding is that there wasn't a significant difference between the rate of red light running for males and females," Tuckul said. "Female drivers run red lights roughly at the same rate as males."

Tuckul said vehicles with tinted windows were also more likely to run a red light.

The study was based on the observations of more than 4,300 drivers between April 2 and May 13. All of the monitoring was conducted during daytime hours, 1010 WINS reported.

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